Booster Club Information

General Guidelines

CVUSD Booster Page (Jan 2020)

Handbook Presentation Video (Sept 2019)

Booster Club Handbook Presentation (Sept 2019)

Umbrella Booster Constitution (Sept 2018)

Umbrella Booster Bylaws (Sept 2018)

Booster Club Guide

Booster Club Transition Presentation (May 2019) 

Booster Authorization for Payment (June 2019)

CVUSD Athletic Coach Stipend Distribution 2019-2010 Does not include Field Hockey since NP does not field a team. (June 2019)

Under Armour Agreement – Uniforms (2018-2020).  Please remember, this is a purchase agreement where the booster clubs will purchase Under Armour Uniforms for its teams. Athletes are not required to purchase uniforms, and therefore should not feel compelled to purchase Under Armour gear, nor should feel compelled to purchase through any one vendor.  Athletes are not mandated to wear any brand of footwear as part of the uniform during competition.


Reauthorization (Due to Athletics Office October 2, 2020)

Booster Reauthorization Application 2020-2021 (May 2020)

Financial Statement/Budget/Audit 2020-2021 Booster clubs must use these forms.  There are tabs for each spreadsheet at the bottom of the page. (May 2020)

CVUSD Bylaws Template As of the 2019-2020 school year, CVUSD requires all booster clubs to use this template as a basis for your bylaws.  Please keep the formatting the same and incorporate your bylaws into this document.  Please do not change or delete any of the wording except for what is in parentheses.  (June 2019)

Reauthorization Checklist 2020-2021 Checklist used by Athletic Director before submitting to the district office.  Please review items that are often overlooked before submitting your packet. (May 2020)


Important Information for Booster Clubs

Assembly Bill 1575 Fee Handbook

Board Policy 1230: School Connected Organizations 

Administrative Regulation 1230: School Connected Organizations


Umbrella Booster Meeting Documents

Sept 16, 2019 Umbrella Booster Treasurer’s Report

Audit for 2018 – 2019

DRAFT NPHS Umbrella Booster Club Constitution Amended Sept 2019

Sept 16 2019 Agenda

Umbrella Booster Budget 2019-2020


Umbrella Booster Minutes 5-14-19

    Umbrella Booster Minutes 12-10-18

    UmbBoosters Oct 31, 2018 Treasure’s Report

    Dec 10 2018 Agenda

    Oct 31, 2018 Report

    Umbrella Booster Minutes 9-11-18