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Day 40 – He’s baaack!

Sorry it’s been a while.  I promise I haven’t given up.  Here’s what’s transpired in the past week: April 14 – I killed it with a 10:10 pace for 3.17 miles!  Full disclosure: I did stop 2x to talk to neighbors for a decent amount of time and remembered to pause my workout on Fit. 

Day 30 – Sacrifice

Day 30 April 12 Day 30?  Seriously?!?! What did I get myself into?!  Just kidding.  Happy Easter, everyone!  Got in an Easter morning walk with the wifey, 4.43 miles, with hills, of course.  If I ever get a chance to run or walk in a completely flat area, I won’t know what to do!  So

Day 29 – Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

Day 29 April 11 OMG, what a beautiful day!  Everything was near perfect.  Went for a walk with my daughter: 3.06 miles with some significant hills (as evidenced by the pics). What a treat to spend some quality time with my daughter.  Several highlights included: the time spent together outside, the conversations, the views, the video she shot

Day 28 – Thankful Part II

Day 28 April 10 Wow.  Just wow.  That picture looked so much better in my mind…SMH Today is Good Friday.  Perfectly named.  Still on my inspirational high from Elise’s email (yeah, I burned ya out!) from yesterday, I continue to be thankful for so much.  I’m thankful that the rain abated for a few hours

Day 27 – Thankful

Day 27 April 9 Today’s a new day, as promised.  For that, I’m thankful.   I had multiple Zoom meetings once again today, and with the rainy weather all day, I really didn’t feel like doing anything…once again.  Then I received an email from one of our female lacrosse athletes (who shall remain unnamed so she

Day 26 – I’ve Gotta Snap Out of It!

Haven’t posted for a few days.  Been in a funk, and didn’t feel like it.  Just being real.  However, I did add to my daily blog at Day 26 April 8 Jogged (I use the term loosely) the flats and uphills, walked the downhills 1.87  miles.  11.35 pace.  Absolutely shocking because, despite me doubting that I

A Video Message From Our NPHS Coaches

Panthers, We hope you are staying safe and healthy.  We miss you dearly, and can’t wait to get back out on the fields, courts, pool, and course, as well as into the gym, weight room,  and on the mats.  We sincerely hope you find inspiration in our message. A special thank you to the coaches who

Baseball 2020 Seniors

NPHS Baseball 2020 Seniors Isaiah Blackburn   Isaiah is a 2 year Varsity athlete. He’a an Outfielder with a gun & a strong bat. Isaiah competed in our Black & Gold home run derby this year on the first day back from injury. Isaiah had a .933 fielding percentage last year.  A true competitor but

Fred Roggin Recognizes Baseball Seniors

Thank you @FredNBCLA for recognizing our seniors last night at the Sports Desk #GetAfterIt @NPHSAthletic @NPPrincipal11 — NPHS Baseball (@NpBase) April 1, 2020

Day 23 – Hills and Valleys

Day 23 April 5      4.9 mile walk with some major hill work once again, as evidenced by the fun pictures we took at the top of several hills.  We walked streets we had never seen before, streets that hug the hillsides.  Going uphill was more challenging, but the rewards (views) at the top of many