Parent Drive Form

Please refer to these instructions when completing the Parent Drive Forms:

1. Click on the link at the very bottom of these instructions to open a Google fillable form.

2. Start filling in answers

  • Please select the sport & level. You can also select a sport & level for any other season in the current school year.
  • Read the paragraphs and initial your consent or acknowledgement.

3. Driver Information

  • Fill out all requested information for Driver #1 (the primary driver)
  • Driver #2 is optional. If a second driver is named, all information for that driver must be completed.  If there is not a second driver, go to the next section.

4. Vehicle and Insurance Information

  • Enter all information for one or two vehicles. Must include policy limits (stated in dollars) for liability and property damage for each vehicle.  Check the insurance policy or call your agent for those figures.

5. Required Documents.  Scan (or take a photo) of:

  • The insurance card(s) for the one or two vehicles listed in the section above. Must show policy effective and expiration dates.
  • The driver’s license(s) for each of the drivers listed in the section above.
  • Please check for clarity and legibility.  Save for future use if your athlete plays multiple sports.
  • Email driver’s license(s) and proof of car insurance as attachments in one email to Must state (sport) and (athlete’s name) in subject line. Example: Girls’ Tennis – Jane Doe
  • You will be contacted only if there’s an issue with your online forms or the emailed documents.

To input your Information for Parent Drive, please click here.