Role of a Spectator

When you attend a sporting event you attend as one of four roles, an athlete, coach, official, or spectator. There is very little overlap in these roles, and there should never be overlap from the role of spectator into any of the other roles during a contest. Knowing and understanding your role makes the experience much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Athlete: You are actively competing in the game. Your role is to compete your hardest and be the best player and teammate you can to help your team come away with a victory.

Coach: You are actively coaching your team. Your role is to have your team prepared and make necessary adjustments to the best of their abilities as the game progresses.

Official: You are actively officiating the game. Your role is to do your best to make sure the rules of the contest are followed and that both teams are given fair treatment.

Spectator: You are actively cheering for your team. Your role is to provide energy for your team and give them a lift by positively rooting them on throughout the contest.  Please click on the following link to a short NFHS video The Parent Seat.

At Newbury Park we want to create the best possible environment for everyone to feel welcome and enjoy our athletic events. We thank you for working with us to help us accomplish this.